De La Torre & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. (DLT) is a partnership of insurance professionals determined to stand out among others in our industry in order to become the exception rather than the rule.  We offer the standard programs available in our industry, yet we are also experts in offering programs and services that many in our industry won’t do or don’t do well.  Our strength lies in our ability to identify your needs and not place limitations on finding solutions – in other words we do not operate in a box.

We are insurance consultants, with knowledge in employee benefits (including fully insured, self-insured and captive business), voluntary benefits, property casualty, and individual insurance. We serve employers of all sizes, including: unions, private and public sector, municipalities and associations.

Our motto is: We are your Advisor, Consultant, and Partner.  On the surface these words may appear to be similar; but to us, each word holds a special meaning and is an important aspect of our organization and how we treat and work with our clients: 

We are your:

Advisor because we give recommendations about what should be done.

Consultant working to truly understand your needs first, then taking your information and consulting with industry experts and internally to find all possible solutions.

Partner we are connected with you and are committed to your overall success.

As a consultant, we aim to deliver measurable value and provide benefit packages that offer lower costs, better outcomes and better care for your employees.  The goal is to increase the value of benefits to the plan member while reducing the plan sponsor’s cost.


We improve the quality of life for people, organizations, and the world by reinventing the way people understand and purchase insurance.


To build lasting relationships and partnerships by managing risk through forward-thinking solutions and superior services.

Company Values & Behaviors

We are:

Innovative Using a creative problem solving approach

Professional Striving for “Best in Class” in all aspects of our business

Trusted Wanting to be respected by all individuals we come in contact.

Compassionate Concern with “Quality of Life” of our customers & stakeholders