Our Process

Step 1: Introduction

We start our process by first getting to know one another. This helps understand your unique needs and goals and helps us prepare our strategies moving forward.

Step 2: Discovery

We will hold a substantive fact finding meeting to gather information necessary for quoting and marketing. This is also where we would establish a budget and timeline and finalize the goals discussed in our introductory meeting. 

Step 3: Marketing

We will create and refine your request for proposal (RFP) and take it out to the marketplace in order to identify suitable vendors and products.

Step 4: Vendor Selection

Our team will analyze proposals and develop a recommendation report. We will reconvene and discuss merits of all proposed plan options and help decide which plans and products to move forward with.

Step 5: Implementation

Once our plans our finalized, we plan and execute an implementation strategy that works for you and your employees. This includes drafting enrollment communications,  utilizing online enrollment tools, assisting with carrier paperwork and holding enrollment meetings.

Step 6: Ongoing Service

Post implementation we provide an ongoing service calendar which lays out all check points and ongoing service that will be provided for the next year and beyond.