Personal Insurance Services

Employer sponsored benefits offer tremendous value to employees, but they aren’t intended to cover all of your needs. We can help, we offer detailed needs analysis assessments to help evaluate the holes in your insurance programs and to find affordable solutions. We can also help you assess whether or not you are on track for retirement.

Asking the right questions…

What has changed in your life over the past year?

Are your children in a position to take care of you as you get older?

Do you volunteer for an organization in which you make decisions that can affect other people?

…Leads to finding the right answers.

Individuals need to plan for their future. Unexpected events happen all of the time and it is essential to be prepared.  We can help, for over a quarter of a century we have helped thousands of people identify, address and solve risk related issues surrounding their families.  As we understand your needs, wants and desires we can help you navigate the various insurance options available.

Key Services

Personal Home, Auto and Umbrella coverage

Life Insurance, Long-Term Care & Disability insurance

Retirement Planning Consulting

Financial Planning

Personal Risk Needs Analysis

The strength of our organization is our genuine desire to establish a long-term relationship and be a part of your company’s success…a true partner working to become your trusted advisor.