Alternative Funding Programs

In today’s risk management environment, our clients are looking for ways to better manage their risk by controlling their insurance spend.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in the alternative funding markets and are experts in helping our client determine if alternative funding programs are the right fit.  Whether it is setting up a captive program, partial self-insurance or fully self-insured programs we can walk you through all the required steps in setting it up, the right way.

Voluntary Insurance Programs

Voluntary Insurance Programs Many employers are looking for ways to increase benefit offerings without breaking the bank.  On the surface, offering voluntary or employee paid insurance programs may seem like an easy solution; but it can be more complicated than it appears.  We are leaders in designing, building and marketing customized voluntary insurance programs specifically for organization.

Ancillary Insurance Programs

When it comes to our clients, we pay close attention to all aspects of their insurance programs.  Often times our competitors and their clients ignore the importance of detailed analysis of these types of programs, however we don’t.  We understand the importance and security these programs can offer employees and using our knowledge we can help our clients offer high quality programs to their employees.

Employee Communication Platforms

A large portion of an employer’s expense is spent on employee benefit programs.  Unfortunately many of their employees don’t understand or appreciate the value of these benefit offerings.  We have excelled in partnering with organizations to help them build communication platforms intended to educate their employees on the value and obligations associated with employer sponsored benefit programs and ways for employees to maximize the offerings for themselves and their families.