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Benefit Administration

Whether you need a basic overview of a type of health plan or want an in-depth look at a specific component of benefits administration, we have some resources to help you understand and navigate the world of employee benefits.


Workplace Wellness Administration

Plan Design Options

Strategic Benefit Planning

Total Compensation Statements

Compliance Resources

Regulations Guidelines Compliance Dice.png

From the ACA to HIPPA to the lates legislative developments businesses need to stay informed and up to date. We can assist you in better understanding your compliance needs.

Employee Educating & Training


Close the Communication gap for your employees.  This section contains employee-facing resources that can provide you the language to educate employees on employee benefits, wellness, and HR Topics, and to communicate changes of developments.

Human Resources

Human Resources.jpg

Let us earn your trust by assisting you with your HR needs and objectives. From a sample employee handbook to a library of HR educational resources, this section can go a long way towards solving your HR issues.

Alternative Funding

Alternative Funding.jpg

Our clients are always searching for new and better ways to manage the high cost of employee benefits.  Sefl-funding, level funding, or reference-based pricing can be of interest.  This section can help you learn more about these complicated programs.

Business Continuation Planning

Business Continuation Planning.jpg

Business owners who are looking for solutions to problems that are directed at them can find resources and information to help them better understand their options.



One of the easiest ways to stay on top of current trends and recent legislation is to review newsletters. We offer several different complimentary newsletters geared for both employers and individuals interests.

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