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DLT Insurance is a Family-Owned employee benefits firm that puts our clients first.

Helping employers find the best employee benefits & insurance options available in CA & AZ to meet the needs of their workforce. 

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The DLT Story

De La Torre & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. (DLT) is a family-owned employee benefits firm consisting of insurance professionals determined to stand out among others in our industry.

Our strength lies in our ability to identify your needs and not place limitations on finding solutions – in other words, we do not operate in a box.

We take pride in being able to offer our clients stability, security, and guaranteed rates – as well as insured plans that protect both you and your employees.


Contact us today for a free consultation – let us show you how we can help!

We are experienced and competent professionals, with over 25 years of combined experience, who will work closely with you to find the best possible plan for your company and employees.

The DLT Process -"Engage"

Because every company is unique, we look to Engage you in a discussion to better understand the obstacles, challenges, and objectives your company faces in managing your employee benefits program. We utilize a straightforward process that focuses on listening and asking questions. This process of asking the right questions in order to get the right answers allows us to Engage the market on our behalf to find the correct solutions. The end result is to build an employee benefit program specifically for your company.

Engage is our process that we have developed in order to provide our clients with the most thorough examination of a problem in order to identify the options available. When done correctly, with the involvement and interaction with our clients, we can offer a successful track to identifying and addressing issues that are unique to your company and employees. Helping our clients understand the value and potential pitfalls within their benefits package produces a winning benefits package. Click here to read about our process.

The DLT Process - "Take30"

At DLT we believe in education first, and that means helping our clients and their employees navigate the complex and confusing universe of insurance. 

A decision to work with an insurance broker is not easy. Companies need to evaluate many factors in determining the best fit. We understnad from experience those challenges. We take pride in separating ourselves from our competition in finding ways to offer value added service to our clients, even before they become clients.

That's why we created Take30. Take30 is a webinar program that's dedicated to Inform, Educate, and Illustrate to our clients and prospects new and different subject matters, key points of critical and complex topics. Currently, we offer 8 different topics, such as Employee Benefits 101, Self-Funding, Employee Retention and Financial Wellness to name a few. Each Take30 webinar runs approvixmately 30 mitues follwed up with a casual Q&A session at the end.

If you and/your team would like to learn more, please schedule a complimentary webinar. Theses webinars are intended to providde objective ideas for you and your team to consider. Click below to view more about Take30.

To learn more about our engagement process and how it can help you, Contact Us.

The DLT Process - "InfoShare360"

We strive to provide our clients educational content that covers the diverse spectrum of the employee benefits arena.  We are pleased to provide access to a content library we call InfoShare360.   InfoShare360 gets its name from our commitment to provide complimentary information to our clients in the full spectrum of the benefits area.

InfoShare360 is built to provide up-to-date latest news, as well as topical content covering different aspects of employee benefits.  Each document can be viewed, printed, and shared with your colleagues.

We invite you to click on the "Go To InfoShare360" button and browse our InfoShare360 library.  DLT is here to discuss your situation and share our ideas.

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"Most Valued Client" Servicing

The De La Torre Difference

We regard each of our clients as Most Valued Client (MVC) and if we do our job correctly, you’ll agree.

Our mission is to build lifetime relationships with our clients. The DLT Difference is based on superior service and innovation, accomplished by simply listening to you, our Most Valued Client. Your decision to work with us is just the beginning. We believe in offering impactful services that are results-driven in meeting each of your unique needs. We achieve this because we are committed to your overall success, every day of the year.

Whether it’s using creative problem-solving approaches to help you manage your risk and expenses; or providing detailed reports, in addition to remarkable client service support, DLT works for you. Regardless of the size of your company, DLT has a client service plan that will provide you with the necessary service programs and reporting packages to properly manage your needs and expectations. To learn more about our MVC servicing programs, Contact Us, and we will send you more specific details. 

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“When our company had a challenging insurance problem, Brent Reasor was my first call for help. Brent listened to our plight and quickly went to work on finding a solution. The result – An excellent benefits package that supports our employees if/when they need it. What could have been a stressful endeavor turned out to be one of the easiest processes I’ve experienced in business. I highly recommend working with Brent and the entire team of experts at DLT.”

- John Komadina, Director | Integrity Outsource, LLC

Protect your employees with the best insurance options available

Contact us today for a free consultation –

let us show you how we can help!

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