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At DLT we believe in education first, and that means helping our clients and their employees navigate the complex and confusing universe of insurance.

Current Webinars

Financial Wellness – The Benefits of Investing in Your Employee’s Well-Being.

This webinar presentation discusses the concept of financial wellness programs as well as how you can create a custom program to meet the needs of employees. Additionally, outlines the whys associated with financial wellness for both employers and employees.

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Employee Benefits 101 – Introduction to Employer Benefit Options

This webinar presentation offers an introductory glance at the world of benefits. Specific items discussed include types of benefits and health insurance terminology. This webinar is ideal for those companies just starting to offer benefit programs or wanting a refresher course.

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Self-Funding – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Would you like to learn more about the nuts and bolts of self-funding? Historically, large employers have self-funded their benefit plans to better manage risk and reduce costs. However, real, and perceived barriers have kept smaller employers from doing likewise. This webinar breaks down self-funding arrangements for employers and CFOs.

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Reference Based Pricing - Cost Savings or Catastrophe

As health care costs continue to rise, employers need to look at every opportunity to lower expenses. One strategy is to employ reference-based pricing (RBP).This webinar presentation breaks down key elements of RBP, to help employers better gauge its value.

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Employee Retention- How to redefine your Benefits Package

Recent events over the past couple of years are leaving employers scratching their heads looking for ways to address employee retention. Attracting and retaining employees has become challenging, our webinar discusses ideas on how employers can reevaluate, rethink, and reinvent their benefit offerings.

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Business Continuation Planning– Strategies for the Future

You’ve invested a lot in your business- a lot of time and money, as well as a lot of yourself. Have you thought about what will happen to it when you’re no longer at the helm? This webinar breaks down the key elements of developing an appropriate succession plan for your business.

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ERISA Compliance for Health and Welfare Plans

This webinar presentation provides an overview of ERISA compliance for health and welfare plans. It explains which employers and benefit plans are subject to ERISA and provides an overview of ERISA requirements, such as the summary plan description (SPD) requirement.

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Workplace Wellness - Small Steps to Healthier Employees

This webinar presentation provides employers with an understanding of the concept of "workplace wellness", how these programs are constructed, and develop a wellness program for their employees.

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