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2024 HR Calendar Monthly Reminders

Between navigating the changing economic environment, addressing new attraction and retention trends, and balancing day-to-day operations, 2024 will likely be a busy and challenging year for HR professionals. So, now is the time for HR teams to prepare their organizations and employees for 2024. Creating a calendar of reminders will allow HR professionals to be more organized and productive throughout the year.

HR teams often must prioritize certain activities, such as ensuring organizational compliance, overseeing training and development, and developing compensation and benefits strategies, making it difficult to actively focus on other workplace initiatives and improvements. However, HR professionals don’t need to tackle all these tasks at the same time. By taking a step back and establishing priorities, HR teams can strategically approach this year’s activities.

This calendar serves as a springboard for HR professionals and provides a topic or activity to consider visiting each month of 2024.

Note: This calendar is not an exhaustive list of HR topics to complete in 2024 and does not address compliance obligations or requirements.


Perform a general HR audit and plan key initiatives for 2024.


Evaluate employee retention and turnover rates and consider attraction and retention strategies.


Assess existing workforce skills gaps and review upskilling and development strategies.


Analyze performance management practices and establish this year’s initiatives.


Consider or revisit company culture initiatives and evaluate progress.


Review and update the employee handbook and employment policies.


Examine how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to create efficiencies.


Begin planning for 2024’s open enrollment season.


Generate compensation and recruiting strategies for 2025.


Conduct an annual employee engagement survey.


Focus on open enrollment efforts, and consider key takeaways from this year’s process.


Establish the HR budget for 2025.

Every organization will have different priorities and circumstances in 2024, but now is as good a time as any to start thinking about how to stay one step ahead this year.

Throughout 2024, feel free to contact De La Torre & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. for resources on any of the topics referred to in this calendar.

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